10 Best Tool Cart Reviews – 2020

Tired of lugging around your tool chest when working on a project?

Well, it is especially tiring for a professional who usually has to carry around lots of tools when working. Having to carry a big load constantly can often hamper productivity and get in the way of an efficient workflow.

Herein, the best tool cart in your arsenal can change the game entirely. You no longer need to let the weight of your heavy toolbox weigh you down.

A tool cart is the best solution to have all your necessary equipment with you at all times. Since it comes with wheels, you do not have to carry it on your shoulder.

Tool carts are used a lot by mechanics and technicians. They allow the mechanic to bring the required tools to the project. You don’t want to be hauling your tool chest around the shop right? Especially if you own one of the larger units.

This is where a tool cart helps. They are lightweight units on wheels with an area to keep your tools. Some tool carts have drawers to store tools while others just have shelving and a work surface.

I have picked ten tool carts which have a good amount of reviews and are of high quality.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 5 Best Tool Cart

Homak 27-Inch Professional Series 2-Drawer Slide-Top Locking Serivce Cart Check Price
WEN 73002 500-Pound Capacity 40 by 17-Inch Service Utility Cart Check Price
Goplus Rolling Tool Cart, Steel Sliding Drawer Tool Organizer Check Price
Rubbermaid Commercial Products 2-Shelf Utility/Service Cart Check Price
Seville Classics 15-Drawer Organizer Cart Check Price

10 Best Tool Cart Line-up for 2020

1. Homak 27-Inch Professional Series 2-Drawer Slide-Top Locking Serivce Cart

Without a storage area, it is hectic to look for the required object from a mess. If you want to get hold of your tool without a hassle, Homak 27-Inch Locking Cart is the best choice.

It is manufactured with one of the best materials to keep it rust-free. You can wash it regularly as it is waterproof. Having a smooth surface reduces the chance of the user getting hurt.

All these features resulting in the advanced covering ensure its permanence. Additionally, the wheels are perfectly designed to make their movement effortless. This product has a tray at the bottom and two drawers at the top, being concerned about the number of your tools.

You can store your devices at any of these. To save some important or harmful ones, it has the lock system on the first drawer. Moreover, right from the center, you can separate the first layer to accommodate more of your stuff.

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  • It has several layers to store maximum stuff
  • The wheels make transporting it more comfortable
  • You can lock your valuable objects
  • The first layer can be divided into two for more storage area


  • Its dimension is less suitable to be placed in any corner

2. WEN 73002 500-Pound Capacity 40 by 17-Inch Service Utility Cart

A shelf with all the best facilities, making the transportation of tools easier, is hard to find. However, most concerned engineers have innovated WEN 73002 to solve all your problems.

An essential feature is its ability to endure maximum pressure, allowing you to accommodate several tools on it. The polypropylene material is used to build this unit, which is extremely durable. It ensures a scratch-free surface.

You can wash it at regular times without harming its texture. Furthermore, the wheels are perfectly shaped for an effortless movement. Additionally, its several layers allow you to use it at the house, garden, warehouse, and even at a nursery.

The shelves have perfect dimensions to store the substances and quickly find the required one easily. It has a special case to hold a cup, has small boxes to store tools; therefore, you can keep versatile objects. The handle is rubberized to ensure a comfortable grip.

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  • Due to the use of polypropylene, it is highly durable
  • As it is waterproof, you can keep it clean
  • It has extra layers for more storage
  • The holder is comfortable to be used


  • You cannot lock your tools

3. Goplus Rolling Tool Cart, Steel Sliding Drawer Tool Organizer

You do not have to worry anymore, as beneficial products are invented to make your work easier. The Goplus Rolling Tool cart is One of those innovative inventions, which are designed to hold and carry your materials at any place.

It can hold any tools, whether it is bigger or smaller. Due to its bottom tray, you can store objects of greater height in it. You do not have to struggle while bringing those out.

For the storage of several items and to be useful in any working site, it has one drawer and a sliding tray. Moreover, you can divide the upper layer to stock more objects.  Additionally, with its handle, you can transport it anywhere.

To keep your stuff safe, you can even lock the upper drawer. You do not have to worry about its durability as it is constructed of solid steel. As it is waterproof, water will not cause damage. Its two wheels are lockable, and all four are non-marring, resulting in faster movement.

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  • You can lock two wheels
  • The solid steel ensures its durability
  • Its bottom tray allows the storage of more substantial objects
  • You can keep your stuff locked


  • The wheels are comparatively weak

4. Rubbermaid Commercial Products 2-Shelf Utility/Service Cart

Carrying each product at a time to the designated area is troublesome when you have insufficient time. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Service Cart is a recommended one as it is a package of convenient features.

The crucial trait it has is its ability to hold heavy and maximum objects. Even being stroked by the most robust object, it will prove its sturdiness. It is manufactured by a demanding material to ensure its rust-proof and waterproof nature. Transporting the empty carrier will not be a problem due to its lightweight.

Moreover, its wheels are suitably designed for faster and effortless portability over any surfaces. You can hang your items within its holsters and caddy; pipes can be easily fit in the v-notch, confirming safety.

It has molded-in fittings to add rods for the convenient storage of wire. The handle has a smooth surface for a comfortable grip.

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  • It has several storage options to keep tools close to you
  • Being lightweight, transporting it is not a problem
  • You can place weighty substances over it
  • Its mobility is quicker due to the supportive wheels


  • The size is imperfect for narrow areas

5. Seville Classics 15-Drawer Organizer Cart

Want to keep your room neat and clean with a beautiful carrier? Then be the first to get hold of Seville Classics 15-Drawer Organizer. Its unique design adds exceptional beauty to your rooms.

You can prove yourself as the most organized person as this product can accommodate almost all your stuff inside its drawers.

Whether it is pen, pencil, notepad, stock of paper, makeup kit, or any tool, it gets access into all the fifteen drawers quickly. Five larger ones are for more massive objects, and others are for smaller ones.

Furthermore, you can keep the organizer clean and carry specific drawers by removing those. The use of polypropylene results in the smooth finishing of the drawers; therefore, others will not be aware of your hidden stuff.

It also has a rust-proof texture, confirming durability. Four casters mean easy transportation; it can be fixed in the desired place by locking two of them.

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  • Fifteen drawers enable convenient storage
  • You can remove the drawers without resistance
  • It remains fixed in a specific place as you lock the wheels
  • The smooth finishing protects your stuff


  • You might not feel comfortable while using the handles

6. Olympia Tools 85-188 3 Shelf Collapsible Service Cart

Do not be desperate, thinking of ways to move all your stuff together or accommodate those for fast search. Olympia Tools 85-188 Collapsible Service Cart is one of the best recommendations to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

Most of the carts occupy a specific corner of your house. This product has a unique ability to be folded; therefore, you can use that space and store it in a narrow area whenever it is not needed.

The dual-material comfort handles increase its superiority. Due to the use of durable, lightweight aluminum, you can be confident about its rust-proof nature.

Additionally, you can store several items on the three shelves. The gap among the three layers allows you to store the objects of considerable heights. Taking out the stuff is more convenient due to the ample space each has.

Each tray can endure the maximum weight. Moreover, you do not have to push hard on the product due to its three-inch rubber wheels.

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  • As it can be folded, its storage is more comfortable
  • Its three shelves enable a more abundant accommodation of stuff
  • The handle is excellently constructed
  • You can effortlessly transport it


  • It has no extra holders

7. 33 in. 4-Drawer Mechanics Tool Cart

Undoubtedly, you are looking for an organizer that keeps your valuable stuff from filthy eyes and protects those from dust. No worry, as 33 in. 4-Drawer Mechanics tool cart is certainly going to satisfy you with all its amazing amenities.

It is essential to place the items with an assurance of not harming the tray within a short time. This steel product can hold heavy objects and continue doing it without being slightly bent. Its rust-proof surface keeps it new for a long time. No chemicals can be of any harm to it. Moreover, the wheels result in a faster movement.

Additionally, you can store whatever you want inside the four drawers. The first layer has two drawers for quick access to specific stuff. In the bottom tray, you can store the tall ones.

It has pegboard sidewalls for you to hang vertical substances and have a quick hold on to those in need. Your precious items are safe inside the top shelf, and the lid has gas struts for its smooth opening.

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  • The use of steel confirms the permanent stay of your product
  • Its several drawers are enough to house maximal items
  • Vertical tools can be mounted on it
  • The gas struts make the lifting of the lid effortless


  • It cannot be folded to save space

8. Luxor 32″ x 18″ Tub Storage Cart 2 Shelves (EC11-B)

If you are tired of changing your inferior tool, then be happy to know about the emergence of a perfect one. You will be amazed to have Luxor Tub Storage (EC11-B) that is innovated to let you finish your work quickly.

Wherever you are traveling, you can take this product with you. Your hands will not be hurt due to a long grasp on the handle as it is rubberized. It is on a perfect height, preventing you from bending. The two holders are for convenient storage; you can hang the vertical things for quick access to those.

Moreover, its tremendous weight capacity will let you store bulky items together and move them to designated areas. You do not have to worry about its durability.

However, the floor remains unaffected providing smooth transportation. You can lock the two wheels as you reach the destination. Moreover, in the bottom tray, you can store the taller stuff.

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  • The handle is comfortable to hold
  • You can be sure of its durability
  • As the wheels can be locked, you can keep it fixed anywhere
  • Both the trays can hold heavy objects


  • It has no locked drawer

9. Norwood Commercial Furniture Adjustable-Height Cart

No matter how hard you try, you cannot keep your room clean until you have the perfect organizer. If you want to give your room a tidy and fresh look, then no choice can be better than Norwood Adjustable-Height Cart.

An exciting feature it has is the inclusion of a three-outlet power strip along with a cord of fifteen feet long. You can roll the wire around the handle for convenient storage. The middle and bottom shelves can hold maximum weight. All the necessary objects can be stored without breaking it.

Furthermore, it is entirely constructed of polypropylene. You can use it randomly, moving it everywhere you have to, and without leaving any marks on it. As you might prefer different height for storage, its shelves can be re-adjusted.

The swivel wheels allow effortless transportation as these are sturdy enough to ride through the rough surface.

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  • You can store stuff of various weights
  • The polypropylene keeps it rust-proof and scratch-free
  • You can fix the shelves to different heights
  • The swivel wheels maintain faster movement


  • It has no drawers

10. Craftsman Tool Box Cart, Steel Sliding Drawer

While working, the only thing that knocks the mind is the arrangement of the necessities to get hold of those without wasting any time. Craftsman Tool Box Cart has arrived as a solution to all your problems.

This product is the most helpful one as it can store several items at ease. Its broad dimension means a large storage area. You do not have to scatter through to find out the required one.

The bottom tray is in the lowest position to hold high tools. Inside the two drawers, you can keep the flat ones. Additionally, the upper tray can be divided into two just from its center, revealing a secret area.

You can store the valuable items inside it, keeping it a secret. You do not have to push hard on it as it is lightweight. Transporting it is not an issue due to the four swivel wheels and the large handle. Due to the advanced wheels, you can slide it over any surface.

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  • The upper tray can be divided to open more storage area
  • With the help of wheels, it can be transported anywhere
  • Drawers and trays ensure maximum storage
  • It is easy to be handled as it is lightweight


  • The handle is not rubberized

What Is the Difference Between a Tool Cart and a Tool Chest?

The difference between a tool cart and a tool chest is not drastic. Yet the minimalistic difference sets them miles apart from each other.

Many professionals opt to go for tool carts over chests these days solely due to the convenience it brings to the table. And when you are working on something strenuous, you need all the help you can get.

A tool chest is a storage space for all your work equipment. It comes with many chambers that can hold all your necessary materials when you are working on a project. Some models feature specified compartments for wrenches, nails, hammer, and other specific tools.

The tool cart is pretty much the same thing but with wheels. With a tool chest, you get handles on the side or a shoulder strap for lighter models. You need to physically carry it from one location to the other when you want to move. Since it holds all your heavy tools, it will always get heavy no matter how lightweight the unit is.

Another notable difference between the two is the amount of storage they offer. A tool chest ultimately needs to consider its weight when choosing the capacity. If the room is too massive, it might be too difficult to move around. But when buying a tool cart, you do not have to worry about it since it comes with wheels.

For a portable job, it can get quite hectic to use a tool chest. A tool cart, on the other hand, eliminates the portability problem by directly attaching wheels. It reduces the fatigue you have to feel due to carrying a bulky case. For any mechanic, whether professional or recreational, a tool cart is a lifesaver.

How to Use a Tool Cart?

Organizing is a primary requirement for an efficient workflow. A poorly organized tool cart will fail to serve its purpose since you will likely need to shuffle around to find your items. So, to help make it easy on you, here are a couple of tips on how to use your tool cart most effectively.

  • Maximizing the Quick-accessibility of Upper Drawers

It is better to keep the upper drawer free for your most-used tools. This part of the cart is the most accessible to you and should be dedicated to small tools like sockets or nails. Depending on the size and height of the drawer, you can add even more equipment but try to keep it clean and accessible.

  • Keeping the Midrange Task-Specific Tools on Middle Drawers

This part of a tool cart should be reserved for specialty tools. Tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, or chisels can find its way here to save you a lot of time. You can add a cushioned liner inside the middle drawer to keep your tools securely locked in place. It also protects the devices from any damages.

Finally, the lower segment of the cart is for keeping all your heavy tools. Since these tools are bulky, they require a stable platform to rest safely. The lower drawers of the cart provide the most in terms of stability. Furthermore, since the tools are near the ground, if you drop them while taking it out, the damage is minimal.

Power tools are a viable candidate for storing in the lower drawers. Heavy tools that you should store in the lower drawers are drills, jigsaw, hammers, Impact drivers, etc.

Some people, however, prefer to have the most used tools in the middle drawer while keeping specialty tools at the top. It is not unreasonable. End of the day, your organization skill refers to your ability to find instruments with ease. If you are comfortable with your arrangements, then you do not need to find the perfect setup.

Why do you need a tool cart?

The tool carts are made for people who work with a good amount of tools, many of which are sometimes quite heavy.  It is that these devices are, basically, large containers in which you can store and transport small, medium or even large parts and tools, such as hammers, arc saws, drills, wrenches and much more.

Now, why not store my tools in vertical holders, for example? Well the advantages of these cars are enough and one of them is that most of them are divided into different compartments so that in addition to having your tools well taken care of, you can also organize them according to their use, their type or depending on your method of organization and needs.

For those who own automotive workshops or any other type, it is always good to have a tool car that allows you to keep everything in place. Moreover, many of these devices can be expanded with other compartments and upper drawers, so they end up being modular units that grow as your business does too.

And, anyway, if you do not own a workshop or just work as a mechanic on your own, you will want to keep all your tools organized and maintained. Remember that they are your source of income and, by themselves, can be valued in thousands of euros.

Shopping guide for Garage Tool Trolley 

Distribution and design

Within the comparison of cars for tools that we make when buying some, it is advisable to know the different models offered by the market.

There are for example models of drawers, similar to the tool cabinets, in which they are organized in drawers of different sizes with the larger ones for larger electric tools.

There are also models in which the upper part can be opened so that you have more access to them and you can store all kinds of pieces of greater caliber or directly have a folding top that has space and magnetic surface to organize the smaller pieces . Adapt the design and distribution to your personal needs and the type of tools you need to carry, to maximize the comfort of using it and that is really useful.


Although it has a lot to do with the design that we have already mentioned, the truth is that the capacity of a good tool cart varies, also making the difference in how much the final product costs.

The simplest tool cart, for example, which is almost a toolbox with a handle and wheels , offers a limited capacity for tools, although obviously it is much lighter to carry. If you need more space, you can choose a model of three, four or five drawers that offer an intermediate capacity, especially for small tools.

But, if you want to have a full capacity, you can bet on the models of higher capacity and height in which you will not have problems to keep all your tools under control, whether small or large. These models even have folding door drawers with which the capacity is used better and it is easier to access just what you need.


The main idea of ​​the tool cart is that it is easy to carry and that it allows you to transport what you need to where it is needed. It is a simple matter, but you must keep in mind, since there are many models and especially some of economic price has the disadvantage of offering limited mobility.

At this point, this mobility is adjusted in part to the weight of the car, so that in lighter models the wheels are similar, although more resistant, to those of an office chair. The models with the largest number of drawers and weight include wheels of greater draft that even have a brake to prevent the car from slipping improperly. In case you want to carry the tool cart beyond your workshop or garage, you should look for models that have wheels that support the use and that allow you to climb steps or move it with simplicity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do you need a tool cart?

A tool cart is highly convenient equipment to have in your hands if you are into mechanical repairs or DIY works. It allows you to move all your heavy tools by carrying it safely and also gives you a place to store them when not in use.

  1. What is the best rolling toolbox?

The best rolling toolbox is the WEN 73002 500-Pound Capacity 40 by 17-Inch Service Utility Cart.

  1. What is the best toolbox for the money?

Our top choice for the best value toolbox is Homak 27-Inch Professional Series 2-Drawer Slide-Top Locking Serivce Cart. We feel like it is the perfect compromise between price and features.

  1. What gauge of steel is used on Snap-on Toolboxes?

Snap-on toolboxes are usually made with 16-gauge steel. However, some models do feature thicker gauges like 12 or 14.

  1. What do you put in a tool chest?

A tool chest comes with several drawers to put different sorts of tools inside it. There is usually no limit to the type of appliance you can put inside. As long as it fits securely, you should be able to put it in.

Final Words

If you work piecework maybe you should look at the stability, the resistance of the wheels and the locking mechanisms so that you protect your tools from strangers. In the market there are variety of models of these, you just have to look good.

The capacities and the durability are also elements to consider, as well as the fluidity of opening of the drawers a comparison can help you with these qualities.

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