Milwaukee Tool Chest Review

Favourite features of the Milwaukee Tool Chest Combo:

  • Built-in power center
  • Pull-out work surface
  • Built-in pegboard wall
  • Integrated power tool organizer
  • Industrial strength casters

In this Milwaukee tool chest review, we take a look at their 46 inch cabinet and top combo.


Overview of The Milwaukee Tool Chest

The Milwaukee 46 inch tool chest combo includes:

  1. 46 inch 8 drawer rolling tool chest (Model 48-22-8520)
  2. 46 inch 8 drawer top tool chest (Model 48-22-8510)

Features of The Milwaukee 46 Inch Tool Chest


There are two power strips built into the tool chest. There is one mounted on the inside of the top chest. A good place to charge a phone or laptop.

The power strip on the outside is a nice added feature. There are charger mounts included in the box. A nice feature if you have multiple battery chargers.

It would be nice to see USB ports included on the power strips. You can easily fix that by using a powered USB hub.

In total there are twelve power outlets on the Milwaukee tool chest combo.


The pull-out work surface is a genius idea. I haven’t seen this on any other tool chests. Have you? It is about the same size as the drawers and will hold a laptop or small parts.

Some say this is a waste of a drawer. Others will find it handy. Will this work surface be of use to you?


The drawers on this Milwaukee tool chest are rated at 100 pound capacity. They feature ball bearing drawer slides and have soft close action. The drawers seem to operate smoothly.

Milwaukee has included pre-cut drawer liners in the box. They even included double sided tape to keep them in place. A nice touch by Milwaukee.


Having a place to hang your tools is always a nice option. The top tool chest has pegboard built-in to hang your frequently used tools, Although it would have been nice to see a bit more height on the pegboard. Still, a nice feature to see in a tool chest.


This is a nice touch. I haven’t seen this done by any other tool chest manufacturer. The power tool organizer can be removed if not needed. It does a good job keeping your drill and driver at the ready.


The casters in the box will have no trouble holding up to daily use. They are strong and roll smoothly along the shop floor. Includes two locking casters.


The Milwaukee has a capacity of over 27,000 cubic inches of space. It can hold a total of 1800 pounds worth of tools.

Even with this tank fully loaded it seems to hold up to the weight. The casters still roll with little effort under load.

I am a big fan of the power tool organizer built into the bottom drawer.

For storing bulky items this tool chest is a good choice. If, however you have mostly small tools I would look at other options.

The larger drawer on the lower cabinet seems to get a bit iffy when loaded to capacity. Something to keep in mind when considering this tool chest.


The Milwaukee tool chest has great construction quality. The casters are reinforced with angle iron and will hold their own under the weight. This tool chest will definitely survive in the professional environment.

Milwaukee Tool Chest Review Conclusion

If you have a lot of larger tools then this is a good choice for a tool chest. Mechanics will want to look elsewhere for options.

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