5 Best Tool Chest Under $1000

Tool boxes are one of the most common items in a garage. For simple storage and easy portability for your tools, they are hard to beat. Unfortunately, most boxes are not enough for people with growing tool sets or higher storage demands as they work.

When space is limited or the needs of your organization are high, the only true solution is a tool chest. These storage solutions take the concept of a toolbox and make everything bigger.

Tips before buying

  • The metal boxes are much more expensive than plastic boxes but also much more resistant
  • The removable trays are very useful for storing nails, screws and other accessories
  • If you need to store many pieces (much heavier) and transport it easily it is recommended that you incorporate wheels

The common tool chests are often made of the same materials as the smaller ones … MORE boxes. From metal to hard plastics, these chests are usually thick enough to keep tools protected from impacts, dust and water damage. Available in different sizes, you will have to choose a tool chest that meets your storage and organization needs. Although larger is usually good for a first box, people looking to add additional boxes may opt for something smaller to fit an existing configuration.

Editor Choice Top 4 Tool Chest Under $1000

Best Choice Products Portable Top Chest Rolling Tool Storage Box Cabinet Sliding Drawers Check Price
Craftsman 6 Drawer Heavy Duty Top Tool Chest, All Steel Construction & Smooth Glide Drawers Check Price
Kennedy Manufacturing 526B 8-Drawer Machinist’s Chest with Friction Slides, Brown Wrinkle Check Price
Keter 5-Drawer Modular Garage and Tool Organizer and Storage System Tool Chest Check Price
WEN 77041 41-Inch Silver Tool Chest and Cabinet Combo Check Price

These are the 5 best tool chest for your garage & Workshop

Whether we are carpenters or professional mechanics or we like everything that has to do with DIY, we accumulate tools in our house until we no longer know where to put them. That is why tool boxes are so useful that they allow us to have a collection of instruments and utensils for all types of manual work.

In the market there are all kinds of sizes, models and brands of tool boxes for any specific need we have, but there are so many options that instead of being easy to choose ours, it ends up looking impossible to decide. If this is your case, this guide to buying the best toolbox in the market may be of great help. We are convinced that you can make an excellent comparison of these boxes and choose a good and economical one.

Top Five Best Tool Chests Under $1000 Review

1. Best Choice Products Portable Top Chest Rolling Tool Storage Box Cabinet Sliding Drawers

One significant problem that people encounter when they want to store the tools that they possess is that they often need different toolboxes for different sets of tools. Best Choice has come up with a tool chest that eliminates this issue. One of the best things about it is that it has multiple cabinets, each with its own set of drawers that are differently sized for all kinds of tools. If you are working with a lot of very small tools, it will prove very useful as the Best Choice chest contains a lot of drawers for smaller tools as opposed to drawers for bigger ones. That being said, many users still say that it is easy for them to keep all of their tools in this one chest.

Best Choice could have selected a much better color for their tool chest. It is a rose red color, which does not speak highly of its appearance at all. While it is not likely that tool owners do not look for aesthetics when it comes to things they keep their tool chests in, the color of the chest does stick out like a sore thumb and needs to be mentioned. Another thing that is questionable about the Best Choice chest is the durability. Some of its users say that it is very durable, others say that it is not. Finally, the way that this particular chest is designed does not lend itself to the an easy construction.

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2. Craftsman 6 Drawer Heavy Duty Top Tool Chest, All Steel Construction & Smooth Glide Drawers

It is pretty refreshing to see a tool chest that is versatile, has plenty of drawers, and can be mobile if necessary. Craftsman’s tool chest accomplishes all three of these with a relatively simple design that is capable of holding any kind of tool that you possess and in large amounts. When fully constructed, the Craftsman chest contains nearly a dozen drawers, each one being able to hold a different size of tools. It also has a top loading cover that can also store some of the biggest tools. Users state that the Craftsman chest is surprisingly durable given its design as well. It is mobile as well, as wheels can be attached to the bottom compartment of it.

These same users also have complaints, and those complaints are that the design of the Craftsman tool chest is just as faulty as it is durable. According to these users, the bottom parts of the chest are not perfectly balanced. This makes it difficult to stack and thus makes it difficult to construct into a full size tool chest. This can even be dangerous if a lot of tools are stored inside of it, as the unit already weighs well over 40 lbs with nothing in it.

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3. Kennedy Manufacturing 526B 8-Drawer Machinist’s Chest with Friction Slides, Brown Wrinkle

Most tool chests are not very visually appealing, as they often look like giant towers of drawers that could fall apart at any moment, especially if it is on wheels. A good amount of them are red in color as well, which is not easy on the eyes. Kennedy Manufacturing has a completely different design compared to the standard tool chest design, going with a horizontal design instead of a vertical one. It is also a brown wrinkle type of color as well, which is a breath of fresh air compared against the standard red color of most tool chests. It also contains just as many drawers on the inside of them as any other tool chest.

Kennedy’s tool chest is unfortunately completely immobile. Most other tool chests are able to connect wheels to the bottom, making it mobile. This is not possible when it comes to Kennedy’s tool chest. While its horizontal design is welcoming in some environments, it can be an inconvenience to some other environments. While it does have handles on the sides of it so that a person can lift it and drag it where they need to, doing this will be extremely taxing if there are a lot of tools inside the chest.

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4. Keter 5-Drawer Modular Garage and Tool Organizer and Storage System Tool Chest

Anybody who is looking for a tool chest that gives them the ability to organize the tools they keep in a much better way than most other tool chests have to offer will get a lot out of Keter’s tool chest. Unlike a lot of other tool chests, this particular one has small part bins and dividers. This is perfect for parts that are either too small to go into any given drawer, or for parts that run the risk of being lost among other small parts. Keter’s tool chest is much more appealing to the eye than most other tool chests as well, with the drawers being deep red in color with the brackets and bordering being black. It does not stand out like some other tool chests do. When it comes to mobility, users have options. They can either use the handles on the sides, or attach wheels to the casters to make it more mobile. It is nice to have this option.

There are only five drawers in this particular chest, so anybody who wishes to use the Keter tool chest to store a lot of tools is going to either need to look elsewhere, or get two of these tool chests instead of just one. Also, it seems to specialize in only storing small tools or small parts for tools, as there are only a couple of very big drawers for storing tools of a significant size.

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5. WEN 77041 41-Inch Silver Tool Chest and Cabinet Combo

Very few tool chests look as appealing as Wen’s tool chest. In fact, it would be pretty easy to mistake it for a chest of drawers for an office upon first glance. It is completely black, with the drawers having a silver inlines. There are not many tool chests that look better than this one, and that is the best thing about it. Where most tool chests stick out like sore thumbs, Wen’s tool chest does not do this. It is highly functional as well, containing well over a dozen different drawers which is great for anybody who possesses a lot of tools that need to be stored. It can be carried on the side or it can get wheels attached to the casters on the bottom so mobility is not an issue either.

There is a difference between a tool chest that has a lot of drawers and a tool chest that has a lot of drawers that are highly versatile and functional. While Wen’s tool chest does have a lot of drawers, none of them are terribly big, meaning it is designed for people who need to store a lot of small tools. The only compartment that can store bigger tools is the chest at the top. If Weng’s tool chest had bigger drawers, it would be perfect.

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What type of toolbox is better?

First of all, we must think about our own needs. What type of tools do you normally use? How many tools do I have at home? Do I need space so that my collection keeps growing?

In general, a carpenter does not have the same needs as a mechanic and an average homeowner does not have the needs of a professional carpenter either. If you only need a toolbox for domestic use, there is no need to spend a large amount of money in a huge box; It is more convenient a small and practical tool box that fulfills its function and is cheap.

Material with which the tool kit was manufactured

No doubt this is one of the most important points to consider, because it gives an account of the period of useful life that our toolkit will have. A set of high quality tools can not bend, deform, disassemble in parts, or break when we are using it, therefore, the ideal tool kit must be made to withstand a lot of pressure and strength, and with a correct finish to fit in the piece to be used, without slipping or sliding. The most recommended materials are chrome vanadium and vanadium steel, providing the necessary strength to make our tool set durable and functional.


This is a fundamental characteristic in a toolbox. We are always going to need to transport it from another place, so you should try to choose a portable toolbox unless you have your own workshop and do not ever think about moving your tools from this site. If that were the case, the recommendation is to have a large toolbox where you keep your collection and a smaller one where you can carry some tools in case of emergency. Some large toolboxes include wheels to easily transport them from one place to another inside the workshop or garage, but even so they are not designed to leave the house.


This also influences portability, but here we want you to pay attention above all to the weight that the box can bear. So, before asking how much it costs, keep in mind that many boxes have enough space to store many tools, but they are not necessarily able to support the weight. It is important that you check this in the specifications of the product you want to buy.

Storage and organization

Make sure that the toolbox has compartments that work for your needs. Some are divided into small spaces to store screws, nails and washers without mixing with each other. Remember that the clearer you have what kind of tools and how much you are going to store in the box, the easier it will be to find the ideal toolbox for you. No need for luxuries, the important thing is to find a good and economical one.

Tool set or tool case? What is the difference?

A tool case is characterized by being a closed drawer that protects the privacy of your tools and are usually made with opaque colors so that neither the quantity nor the type of tools it contains can be seen. In addition, the tool case provides the necessary protection to your tools against loss or abuse, since they are in a compact and safe place. A set of tools, on the other hand, is mainly a certain type of cases made of plastic, foam rubber or canvas, where many times the tools are exposed and in this way it is easier to find and use them. However, although the tool set is lighter and easier to move than the tool case, it does not have the necessary privacy, nor does it ensure that the tools are not going to be lost or mistreated.


Adding some heavy duty wheels to a tool chest means that you can move your tools through the garage or work area during heavy tool projects. This is especially useful when you need to switch between different tools or accessories when dealing with a large number of nuts and bolts.  MORE lockable with the included key for greater safety of the tool. The double-walled steel exterior is covered with a black powder finish to offer the highest level of impact and scratch resistance.

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