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A Torx socket set is for any professional or do-it-yourself mechanic, your toolbox is not complete unless you have a quality and sturdy set of Torx sockets. Torx pronounced like the word “forks” was developed by Camcar Textron it is essentially a type of screw head that is characterized by a six point star rather than your simple four point star Phillips head. People that generally do not work with Torx screws on a daily basis can oftentimes refer to them as star screws. Many times at the auto parts store you’ll hear somebody coming in asking for a “star” screwdriver, what they really mean is that they need a Torx socket set or screwdriver. Torx is standardized by the international organization for standardization or ISO and his improvement upon the typical Phillips head to make the screws were more resistant to stripping and cam out. Whereas Philips head screws are a step above Flathead when it comes to stripping Torx are about four steps ahead Phillips.

You Need a Torx Socket Set

The reason why you would want to find a Torx socket set is that you are working on a vehicle or something technical and you need screws that prevent overtightening and were designed to prevent cam out. Torx screws worked perfectly when using automatic screwdrivers in factories rather than depending on the tool slipping out of the screw the Torx design achieves desired torque consistently. It will increase the tool bit’s lifespan by up to 10 times longer due to the fact that there is not over stripping or cam out.

Torx Socket Set Uses

Typical uses for a Torx socket set are on automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, bicycle brake systems, computer hard disk drives, computers and consumer electronics. Many people find themselves wanting to do a simple battery replacement or simple maintenance procedure and not having the proper Torx group at to get the job done. This is why every mechanic whether you are professional or just a weekend warrior should have a Torx socket set in your toolbox. One of the initial uses for Torx socket set in Torx screws were manufacturers attempt to prevent the at-home consumer from tampering with the product. Their thought was if they put a Torx head screw into their merchandise the average consumer would not have the ability to turn the screw themselves and would have to send the product back to the factory and pay for maintenance. Now that Torx screws in Torx socket set are widely available and also becoming increasingly more popular in the construction industries, yet again all the more reason to own your own Torx socket set.

Torx socket set sizing, Torx head sizes are identified by looking for the letter “T” followed by a number on the Torx socket set head. Smaller numbers will correspond to smaller point-to-point dimensions of the screw head common sizes include T10, T15, and T25. These are your most common Torx socket set sizes although they can go up as high as T100. When it comes to Torx socket sets only the proper driver can drive a specific head size without risk of ruining the driver or the screw itself this means you need to have extensive set of Torx drivers or sockets if you plan on working with Torx screwheads or bolts. It’s not like a Philips are Flathead or you can use multiple sizes of screws or sockets to try and get the job done.

Torx sockets that can be found at most hardware shops or online retailers and one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a Torx socket set is that you spend enough money to get a set that is complete enough to where you can tackle most any job. One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying Torx socket set is buying a set with only three or four drivers and then finding out that the screw they have does not fit with that particular driver you definitely don’t need to go all the way up to T100 unless you are working extremely technical jobs but you want to get a Torx socket set that has enough sockets to meet most of the jobs will come across in your everyday work life.

Torx Sizing Chart

Below is a list of the torx socket set sizing chart covers Torx wrench and torx screwdriver sizes ranging from T1 to T100.

Torx sizing is dependent on the size of the metric point to point diameter of the torx bit ahead and depending on the type of job you are doing you will need a different size torx bit.

Size Inch point to point [in] Metric point to point [mm] Maximum torque range [N-m]
T1 .031 .81 .02 to .03
T2 .036 .93 .07 to .09
T10 .107 2.74 3.7 to 4.5
T15 .128 3.27 6.4 to 7.7
T20 .151 3.86 10.5 to 12.7
T25 .173 4.43 15.9 to 19
T27 .195 4.99 22.5 to 26.9
T30 .216 5.52 31.1 to 37.4
T100 .871 22.13 1843 to 2048


When it comes to Torx sizing chart you always want to make sure you have the right torx bit by checking the Torx sizing chart.

The Torx sizing chart above covers most of the standard torx sizes although if you’re working a very particular job there may be a Torx sizing chart for a specific manufacturer as sometimes manufacturers create their own Torx sizing chart for specific custom made bids and applications for their manufactured products.

Torx socket sets, Torx and Torx sizing chart are the trademark for a type of screw head that is characterized by a six point star pattern. Usually people unfamiliar with Torx in the Torx sizing chart commonly referred to them as a star screwdriver or star bits. By design any screwdriver in the Torx sizing chart is designed to resist cam out due to its improved surface area that resists stripping when tension is applied. We hope the Torx sizing chartis useful for you.

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