5 Best Clutch for Jeep Wrangler Reviews

The quality of your car’s clutch can greatly impact its performance. A poor clutch kit can even harm the other components of your car. Thus, it is very important to choose a clutch kit that mimics the original equipment specifications of your car and performs exceptionally.

However, it is not easy to guess at which end of the performance spectrum a kit sits on just by looking at it. It is even more difficult for novices or the everyday driver to do so. Thus we have created a guide of purchasing the best clutch for Jeep Wrangler.

Complete with product recommendations, FAQs, and a buying guide, this article will give you all the necessary equipment needed to purchase a kit that serves you well.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 5 Clutch for Jeep Wrangler

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Centerforce KCFT379176 II, Clutch and Flywheel Kit Check Price
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Before You Buy What to Look for

Before we jump into the product recommendations, it is important to know the boxes a clutch kit must check to qualify as a top pick.

  • Longevity

The clutch of a car is subject to high degrees of heat and friction every time you take your car out for a spin. As a result, they wear down. However, you would be better off opting for clutches that have a longer service life. Replacing the clutch takes a considerable amount of time as well as money.

  • Heat Resistance and Friction Management

But what makes the service life of a clutch longer? One of the key factors happens to be the component’s ability to handle heat and friction. Inefficient heat management will result in premature wear out or even metal warping.

Moreover, the inability to dissipate or transfer heat will require more pedaling effort from the driver as it does not get transferred to the parts that require it for smooth operation.

  • Specification

Purchasing a clutch kit without knowing if it fits the make, model, and year of your car will render it useless. Every model has its unique specifications that need to be met by aftermarket equipment to run properly. Equipment manufactured with precision engineering tends to have more accurate specs.

  • Assembly and Installation

The ease of assembly and installation varies from product to product. Some clutch needs are better installed by professionals, while others can be installed by anyone with the basic knowledge of cars and tools. Whichever degree of difficulty or easy you opt for is your personal choice. However, ensure that you know what you are signing up for!

  • Weight

All clutches do not have the same weight. The components of one may be heavier than others. However, the ability of a car can handle this weight also varies from model to model.

Installing a clutch that exceeds the weight your car can handle may cause permanent damage to it. To avoid this, thoroughly research the weight of the kit as well as the weight your car can take on effortlessly.


5 Best Clutch for Jeep Wrangler

It is not easy to find the best clutch kit for Jeep Wrangler. Thus, we have narrowed all the options down to 5 tried and true products, which surely will not disappoint you!


1. LuK 05-065 Clutch Kit

For an easy, affordable upgrade, only a few options on the market can beat this product. Made of premium quality materials, the durable push-type clutch kit is designed for light-duty personal cars and medium-duty Jeeps. Besides being manufactured to original equipment measurements, it has several other benefits.

Firstly, the clutch kit is made of high quality cast iron using precision engineering. This allows the specifications to match the requirements of your car perfectly. With a weight of 5 pounds, the clutch kit is guaranteed to fit Jeep Wranglers like a glove.

Furthermore, the kit has exceptional heat resistance and dissipation abilities. This is an almost indispensable of a feature clutch kit, given how much friction it has to survive every time it is in use. As a result, heat can be transferred efficiently to the engine block.

Good heat handling capability also helps in reducing the risk of accidents. The inability to resist or dissipate heat can lead to accidents or metal warping. Not only does that pose a risk to your car, but it may also damage the driver’s health as well.

The kit does come without a flywheel. However, it is compatible to use with vehicles whose original equipment permits the usage of flat flywheels. The clutch kit is extremely easy to install and a foolproof upgrade for your Jeep Wrangler.


  • Premium quality materials
  • Functionally tested
  • Meets original equipment specs
  • Easy to install
  • Impressive heat dissipation and resistance


  • Does not include flywheel
  • Sub-par throw out bearing

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2. Centerforce KCFT379176 II, Clutch and Flywheel Kit

If your main concern is performance, you need not look further than our next product. Original and stock parts may seem more reliable than replaced ones. However, this product is a favorite among car enthusiasts for its own as well as off-street performance.

This kit comes with a pilot bearing, alignment tool, flywheel, pressure plate, throwout bearing, a full facing friction disc, and bolts. So as you can see, it is a complete kit that can be installed by a professional in under three hours. The manufacturer’s famous weight system is featured on this clutch and flywheel kit.

Along with the unparalleled performance of the weight system, the kit also comprises of the best quality friction materials. This increases the holding capacity to a point where it is up to 60% more than stock parts.

Not enough to convince you to purchase this kit? This clutch kit also comes with high inertia billet steel flywheel, so you do not need to purchase them separately. Moreover, with its upgraded pilot bearing, you are bound to feel the improvement in the performance of your car upon installation.

Owing to the smooth engagement, this clutch kit demands light pedal effort from the driver. All of these features make this clutch and flywheel kit extremely desirable. So rely on the hassle-free bolt-in installation and enjoy one of the best clutches for Jeep Wrangler JK and Jeep Wrangler!


  • On and off-road
  • Flywheel included
  • Centerforce weight system
  • Specialized machining system
  • Increased holding capacity


  • Some users complain of rust (brand new condition)

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3. SouthEast Clutch Kit 01-038

We love a complete clutch kit – and we love them even more when they come at such a reasonable price. Complete with pressure plates, alignment tools, cover assembly, pilot bearing, and so on, the kit comes ready to be installed. Once installed, it offers performance like no other clutch kit on the market.

Assembled in the U.S. using only the best components, this kit is a fan favorite. Despite being considered difficult to install (compared to competing kits), users keep repurchasing this kit because of its unbeatable performance.

The kit provides great comfort to the driver once installed. This is due to the smooth engagement, which ends up demanding less effort from the driver. Additionally, the clutch provides impeccable maneuvering. Not only is it swift, but it is also incredibly precise as well. This makes it a great choice for racing as well!

Furthermore, the lifespan of the clutch is also considerably long. The materials and specifications of the clutch kit and its parts allow for the plates to deal with heat and friction exceptionally well. This keeps the components for wearing down fast, and you can go longer without having to replace it.

Honestly, we cannot recommend this clutch kit enough. A popular name in the world of car enthusiasts, the manufacturer, tests their kits rigorously before they reach the market. Hence, you can rest assured that you are investing in a great product that will serve you for a long time and help you feel the difference.


  • Long service life
  • Smooth engagement
  • Great friction and heat management
  • Suitable for racing
  • Swift and precise maneuvering


  • Difficult to install
  • 500-mile break-in period

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4. SouthEast Clutch Kit 05-065

Keeping an eye out for the best clutch for Jeep Wrangler Tj? As always, we’ve got you covered. Coming from one of the most popular U.S. based manufacturers, our next product is widely popular – and with good reason. Assembled in the U.S., the producers use only the best component for this incredible kit.

Firstly, this clutch kit is known to have a lifespan relatively longer than that of its competitors. As we all know, the parts of a clutch kit, once installed, have to deal with a lot of heat and friction daily. This makes them wear out easily. However, this particular model needs replacement less frequently.

With a guarantee of smooth engagement, the clutch kit does not require the driver to put in the excess effort for its effects to kick in. This makes driving super comfortable and stress-free! It is also a suitable clutch kit for racing – that’s a great bonus for petrolheads!

Additionally, the clutch kit also provides impeccable maneuvering. It is difficult to find a clutch kit within this price range that allows maneuvering to be so quick and precise. The fracture is sure to please the everyday drivers and enthusiasts alike.

Users complain that the kit is difficult to install. It almost always needs professional attention. The 500-mile break-in requirement is also another drawback. However, the sheer performance of this clutch kit is the reason these users keep coming back regardless.


  • Smooth engagement
  • Longer lifespan
  • Impressive maneuvering
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for racing


  • Some users consider it difficult to install
  • 500-mile break-in period

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5. SouthEast Clutch Kit 01-040

Yes, you’re reading this right. Our last, but in no way the least, a recommendation for the best clutch kit for Jeep Wrangler, is also from this popular manufacturer. As one of the most popular manufacturers of clutch kits, their products are something of a cult favorite for several reasons.

First of all, the price of the kit is impressive and reasonable for the service that it provides. Several users also continue making repeat purchases over the years. This is a great signifier of the quality of the kit, as it is seen as a kit that is ‘difficult to install’. Regardless of this con, the kit remains a favorite.

So what makes the kit a hot favorite? Firstly, the clutch kit is suitable for the average driver as well as racers. This adaptability is supported by the kit’s unparalleled maneuvering. It is both precise and swift, meaning it gives you more control over your car at any speed or driving conditions.

Additionally, the superior materials used to manufacture the parts are great at managing friction and heat. This elongates the service life of the clutch kit, making sure it does not wear down prematurely. What’s more, the lifespan of this kit is actually relatively longer than that of its competing products.

To add to all of these benefits, the kit also allows the drivers to drive efficiently without applying too much energy on pedaling. Altogether, this kit is an unbeatable option in the market and a product that delivers the performance it promises.


  • Affordable
  • Great friction and heat management
  • Long service life
  • Great maneuvering
  • Suitable for racing


  • Difficult to install
  • 500-mile break-in period

Check Price on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know cars and all their components can be confusing at times but fret not, as we have answered some of the most asked questions below to make your life easier.

1. What are some signs of a worn-out clutch?

When you can hear your engine racing, whereas the speed does not pick up at the same time, it is known as a clutch slipping. This is the biggest and most obvious sign of needing a clutch replacement.

Unusual noises creating while braking, shifting gears, or accelerating often indicate worn out clutch.

Shifting gears is the main purpose of a clutch kit – so when you are facing difficulty in doing so, it is a no brainer that your clutch needs replacement.

2. How long can I continue using a clutch after symptoms start showing?

It is best to have your clutch replaced the moment you start noticing any of the signs mentioned above. The clutch is essential to so many functions of a car that require precision that not replacing the parts in time could lead to accidents as well. Better safe than sorry!

3. How frequently should I change my clutch?

An average clutch can last anywhere between 100,000 to 160,000 km. However, it also depends on the model of the car, quality of the clutch, and the conditions and speeds the car is being driven in.

4. How many components make up a complete clutch?

A complete clutch has four parts – clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing, and pilot bearing.

5. What is the difference between a push-type and pull-type clutch?

The main difference lies in the mechanism the two types of clutches use to disengage the clutch. Selecting a type is also a matter of compatibility which needs to be researched well in order to function properly.


Final Words

So if you are asking the question of what is the best clutch for a Jeep Wrangler, we hope this article will be of great use for you.

All the products recommended are tried and true. Moreover, the buying guide and FAQs will help you learn the basics of this essential car component. We wish you luck on your search for the best clutch for Jeep Wrangler!

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