Best Cordless Circular Saw

​Ever wonder how to buy the most durable yet efficient saw? No worries! We will provide you a list of the best yet circular saw.


If you love DIY woodworking tasks and projects in your home, then you must have a circular saw in your toolbox. These are handheld, powerful tools that you can use to cut plywood, lumber, MDF, and other materials.

They are portable yet powerful, so these devices need some proper treatment to avoid injury. So, here’s what you need to learn when you want to use a circular saw like pros.

You must know how to find the best yet circular saw that will make your tasks and projects successful.

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Overview of Circular Saw

Circular saws create straight cuts in your board. You can also set up this saw to have bevel cuts. The typical components of the circular saw are:

  • Blade Guard: this covers the blade when you are not using your saw. Also, it retracts when you want to use the cutter.
  • Foot Shoe or Place: it makes the saw steady against the piece material
  • Depth Adjustment: enables you to work on different thickness of materials
  • Bevel Adjustment: allows the foot plate to turn about the blade to produce bevel cuts

Types of Circular Saw

  • Worm Drive Saw: these are the heaviest and largest circular saws. You can see that the motor mounts in line with the blade. Then, you can find the handle far back to decrease the kickback through solid lumber and concrete.
  • Sidewinder Saw: these are the most common saws for home DIYers. Also, these saws are easier to use and are lighter to carry than the worm drive saws. You can find the motor placed at a right angle to the razor.
  • Cordless Saw: these models can be handy to use. However, you need to take note that they are less powerful than the corded versions. Also, you can exhaust their battery quickly.
  • Trim Saw: these are small saws. But they are lightweight.

Power Sources of Circular Saw

How and where you use your tool will help know the energy sources you need. There are two types of power supply, including:

Cordless Circular Saws

They are simple to use in parts where extension cords are hard to use. Also, they are smaller than corded saws. Then, they may work well in limited spaces.

Cordless versions are best when cutting wood and other similar products because of its limited batteries. Moreover, they can slice tough wood.

However, the additional power required for those applications may drain the batteries faster. Cordless saws may have sizes from 5 to 3/8 and 6 to ½ inches.

Corded Circular Saws

They do not require batteries for power. So, they are best for cutting projects, including steel, masonry, and woodcutting. They may come in different sizes. However, the most common ones are 7 to ¼ inches. But, they need the suitable extension cord.

Seven Features That You Should Find in Best Circular Saws

Here’s a list of factors you need to consider in looking for the best yet circular saw:

Observe the Cut Line Indicator

The first thing you need to consider is the cut line indicator. It is a small pair of notches fronting the base plate of the saw. It will allow you to line up your cut line and your blade. That way, you can follow your cuts or create a V-mark.

So, you need to determine that the cutter is right, both 45 and 90 degrees. A good indication is that it can outline both sides of the blade so that you can slice either to the right or the left of the line.

Consider the Blade Visibility

The second thing you have to take note is the visibility of the blade. You can see the cut line depending on how far your stance is when using your saw.

In most cases, the small window through the saw’s appendages will tell you if the blade is in its proper line. The best circular saw will provide you the right view of the blade through the little window.

Determine the Bevel Function of the Saw

You may not just use the tool for trimming the wood and other material.

However, when you are tackling complex framing such as roof work, then you must have a proper setup. An excellent saw will come with a bevel knob or lever that is convenient to utilize and locks safely.

Consider the Base Plate of the Saw

The base plate should be flat across the width and the length. Also, it will have a straight left tip when you use it against a guide. You need to take note that aluminum base plates tend to bend when you drop it.

But, they can bend back to its original state. On the other hand, cast aluminum or magnesium base plates are more durable and do not turn quickly.

Detect the Guard Retraction of the Circular Saw

It is very frustrating when you are halfway through your project, and the guard gets blocked, and it won’t work. So, you have to stop your task and try to loosen up the part.

You have to remember that circular saws with large lobe atop the leading tip of the guard are a must-have. Those saws with rough or sharp leading frames usually get stuck when slicing at angles.

Think About the Base Plate to Saw Connection

You have to consider this as the pivot area of the saw where the handle and the motor link at the base plate. It is the point where the saw enables you to plunge for the pivot and the depth side to side for bevel cuts.

The best versions come with a base plate to saw the connection that handles is in line with the front and rear handle.

Consider the Operation and Placement of the Depth Adjustment Lever

Outboard levers are easy to reach, and it will keep your trigger hand on the saw’s handle. Also, you take on a proper blade depth and lock it safely and securely.

On the contrary, inboard levers, which tuck in between the blade guard and the handle are challenging to use. Thick or rubber-covered, rounded bars are comfortable to hold.

The depth scale has a bright mark and is comprehensible. Once again, cast or engraved numbers are more permanent than stickers.

Best Yet Circular Saws

Here is a list of the best yet circular saws available on the market today:

#1 Dewalt DWE575SB 7- ¼ Inch Circular Saw

The Dewalt DWE575SB is a lightweight circular saw that comes with an electric brake. It has a design for well-balanced and lightest version at only 8.8 lbs. Moreover, the electric brake stops the blade after you activate it.

Also, the ball bearing lower guard can offer a heavy-duty design, in particular against dust, for a smooth use. Then, the high-quality stamped aluminum shoe can give off a flat base for easy cutting.

The advanced lower guard for the bevel cuts with incorporated dust blower will allow the user to clear the guideline while slicing the material. Then, the patented hard cord can protect the system and will offer three times durability against any pulling motion.

The blade wrench storage will allow for easy blade changes and storage. Also, it comes with a carrying case for convenient portability.



  • For me, this is a small saw, but it can work well under any circumstances.
  • Then, I usually use this for cutting wood and other materials. I can say that users can utilize this product with ease.
  • It functions as promised and intended. In fact, it does not miss the mark or the line when cutting the material.
  • Also, what I like about this product is that it comes with a plastic blade cradle. That way, it will protect your saw from any damages.
  • A downfall of this circular saw is that it is heavier than other saws offered on the market.
  • Moreover, I am not too satisfied with its blade. But, it can still work well even on sm

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#2 Skilsaw SPT77WML 7-1/4 Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw

The Skilsaw SPT77WML has a super lightweight magnesium structure that can reduce the fatigue of the user.

Also, it follows a cut-ready system that guides in the fast and accurate depth of cuts. Also, the bevel of this saw will enable you to finish a wider range of cuts.

Also, the source of power of this circular saw will offer you a power supply to cut through more wood and other materials. The Skilsaw circular saw comes with a lower guide that is anti-snag. That way, it provides a smooth cutting system to slice even small pieces.



  • I love the Skilsaw Worm Drive Circular Saw because it is a heavy-duty tool for my DIY projects.
  • Also, it will outlast any other regular saws on the market today because of its high-quality materials.
  • Then, I find this product lightweight than other worm drive circular saws.
  • Moreover, it comes with top design, and it is easy to use.
  • What I am not crazy about this product is that it is quite pricey compared to other saws.
  • Also, it can produce a grinding sound at times. I think there is something wrong with its bearing.

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#3 Makita 5007MGA Magnesium 7- ¼ Circular Saw

The Makita 5007MGA has a powerful motor that can deliver up to 5,800 RPM. So, it is quite durable, and it can perform well in complicated projects. The tool also comes with magnesium contents that provide its lightweight properties.

In fact, it is only 10.6 lbs. For users, you can create a fast and one-handed change using the rubberized levers of this saw. Moreover, its rubber grip provides comfort and a better fit when you handle the product.

Then, the settings of the Makita are easy to use. It has ruler markings and oversized number.

The saw also has a big cutting capacity and a bevel ability with positive stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees. Lastly, it comes with two LED lights that give off light to the line you cut to boost accuracy.



  • I find the Makita Circular Saw easy to use and handle.
  • Furthermore, it makes accurate cuts for any materials.
  • The settings and controls are easy to manipulate. Also, they are in their right spots.
  • But, what makes it different from the other saws is its LED light. It illuminates the guidelines of my cutting.
  • What this product lacks is its capacity to clear dust.
  • Also, the blade change tool is quite loose. So, I am quite scared that it will fall out.

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#4 SKIL 5280-01 7- ¼ Inch Circular Saw

The Skil 5280-01 has a 15-amp motor that provides long lasting performance and power. Also, it reduces its weight than the previous model.

That way, it decreases fatigue to users. Moreover, it comes with a single beam laser that will offer you precise cuts from any materials.

Also, the carrying bag provides you convenience, storage, and portability. Then, it comes with a 51-degree bevel that has a positive stop at 45 degrees. That way, it will have a higher cut capacity than the other products.



  • I love this version because it is lighter compared to the previous one.
  • Also, it has a shaft lock that will make the changing of the blade easy.
  • Then, it provides me more power and bevel capacity than the other model.
  • Overall, this is one of the lightest circulars saw on the market today.
  • For me, this is not the best saw for projects such as ripping doors and boards.
  • Also, the laser is quite hard to notice. So, you have to adjust yourself to different directions to get accurate cuts.

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#5 Milwaukee 6390-217 ¼ Inch Circular Saw

The Milwaukee 6390-217 has high-quality materials for a heavy-duty cutting experience. Also, this product offers convenience and ease. Plus, it has durable parts that can produce outstanding performances.

It has 5,800 rpm, 15 Amp, and 3- ¼ horsepower motor. The tool also has a quick-lock cord and spindle lock that can adjust for your comfort.

The aircraft aluminum shoe provides a soft grip and handle. The general kit already comes with the saw, wrench, blade, and case. So, it has all you need for your DIY home projects.



  • The saw cuts well, and the blade and carbide are all functioning well.
  • I can also say that the line is simple to follow and it even cuts straight and complicated lines.
  • For me, the attractive feature of the Milwaukee Circular Saw is its tilting handle. It makes the cutting easy and smooth.
  • The feature that appeals least about this product is that its heaviness. It is not like other products that are light to hold.
  • I usually use this for cutting wood. But, I noticed that my hands get shaky when I use this saw.

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For a more accurate and straightforward tool for cutting wood and more complicated materials, you need to consider getting a circular saw. However, before purchasing one, you should also consider its top features.

For me and the majority of users, the Dewalt DWE575SB 7- ¼ Inch Circular Saw does its job pretty well compared to its counterparts. Not only does it produce accurate cuts, but it is heavy-duty, and it can work well under any situations.

But, the bottom line here is that there is not perfect saw after all. But, it helps if you find a circular saw that will have all of your preferences and the features you want for a tool.

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