Halogen Light Sockets

Halogen lights and reflectors have seen widespread use in many areas of our daily lives, both for commercial and private purposes. They’re available in any shop where you can typically buy a light bulb and offer several advantages when compared to convenient light bulb types. However, some halogen light bulbs for common household lighting or reflectors might use specialized light sockets. So today, we’ll tell you about a few things that might help you with all the various halogen light sockets and their several variants.

Halogen light sockets – What you need to know about halogen lights
Basically, most halogen light bulbs require halogen light sockets because of the different components used in the manufacture of halogen light bulbs when compared to standard light bulbs. Halogen light bulbs create light through the chemical interaction of an electrified tungsten filament wire and halogen-based gasses like iodine. The usage of tungsten basically creates a more intense light reaction compared to standard light bulbs, and the light bulb itself is pressurized with halogen gasses. This technique has its advantages and drawbacks, but it’s basically the reason why halogen light bulbs mostly use specialized halogen light sockets. Tungsten filament wires simply have different requirements for creating a light reaction, and halogen light sockets can provide the needed voltage without any issues.

Basic types of halogen light sockets
Typical halogen light sockets come in several variants marked by standardized terms. Most standard halogen light bulbs are available as multifaceted reflector (MR) light bulbs, and are designated as MR16, MR11 and MR8, where the numeral values represent their diameters. Simply put, most halogen light bulbs aren’t your typical round-glass light bulbs, but actually use reflecting metal surfaces to intensify the light output. Halogen light sockets also aren’t your typical “screw-in” sockets, but are usually installed by simply pushing a halogen light bulb in the socket and turning it in one direction for just a few degrees. MR16 halogen light sockets are used for halogen light bulbs with a 51mm diameter, while MR11 uses 34.9mm diameter light bulbs.

Halogen light sockets – availability and handling precautions
Before we go any further, it’s important to note that halogen light bulbs are available for standard light bulb sockets and not just halogen light sockets as we’’ve described above. However, multifaceted reflector halogen light bulbs are almost exclusively available with special halogen light sockets. Both types are commonly available, but there are certain things you should take care of when handling halogen light bulbs of any kind. First of all, regardless if the halogen light bulbs are in standard format or for halogen light sockets, halogen lights create a stronger heat reaction in the light bulb itself. This also means that an MR16 light bulb will produce significantly more heat than its smaller cousins, so care should be taken to avoid putting it in close proximity to easily flammable materials. These are just basic precautions and shouldn’’t worry you too much. Halogen lights have been in use for quite a while as ceiling lights, lamps, desk lights and so on. If you need strong light, you’re going to want halogen light.

Use The Correct Halogen Sockets For Halogen Bulbs

Halogen light sockets are designed to pull the exact amount of power for specific halogen bulbs.

For example, a 100 watt halogen bulb is likely to require a 250 volt halogen socket in order to ensure good fire safety practices, and to prevent power surges, or power failure.

For a 250 watts halogen bulb, a 660 volt halogen socket would be considered safe.

Different halogen lamp bases will also require different halogen sockets. Here is an example. An 88 mm halogen socket is best used with R7s halogen lamps.

Each type of halogen socket is designed to work best with a certain type of halogen lamp, or halogen bulb.

The proper halogen sockets should be used to:

  • prevent fires
  • prevent power surges
  • prevent power failure

Not only can a wide range of halogen sockets be found at hardware stores, they can also be found available for purchase via the world wide web.

With the internet so readily available to consumers, manufactures have created their own web pages, dedicated to the sale of halogen sockets.

There are many websites that deal specifically with “halogen sockets”, these websites often have links directly to halogen socket manufacturers.

Once you are on the halogen socket manufacturer’s web page, you should be able to view different halogen sockets available for purchase.

It is important to remember to use the proper halogen sockets when using halogen light bulbs. It is important because it will help prevent fire hazards, as well as power failure.

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