How to Extend Wi-Fi to Detached Garage

If you have a detached garage then you’re probably too far away to get a Wi-Fi signal. Most likely your wireless router has a short range. Luckily there are ways to extend your Wi-Fi to a detached garage.

Extending Wi-Fi to Another Building

There are a couple of ways to extend a Wi-Fi signal:

  1. Change Wi-Fi channels
  2. Moving the router closer if possible
  3. Wi-Fi extender kit
  4. Powerline network adapter

Method 1: Change Wi-Fi Channels

If your neighbours have Wi-Fi then the signals might interfere with yours. You can change Wi-Fi channels to see if it helps. If the network is crowded then it will be harder to get good range. Changing to a less crowded channel will help.

You will have to go into your router settings to do this. The settings can be accessed using a browser. The address can be found in the user manual or the manufacturer website.

Method 2: Move the Router Closer

If it isn’t too much of a hassle you can try moving your wireless router. Moving the router closer to the garage might solve the problem.

Method 3: Use a Powerline Networking / Wi-Fi Extender Kit

Wi-Fi extenders:

Wi-Fi extenders work by boosting the signal of your wireless network. You just plug the extender into a wall outlet and set it up. The Wi-Fi extender will have its own network name which you can connect with your devices.

Setting up extenders is not very difficult: Plug the device in and boot it up, plug a laptop into the extender and connect it to your home network.

Powerline network adapters:

Powerline adapters work by sending an internet signal through the power lines. This will only work if your garage gets power from your home breaker panel.

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