5 Best Rechargeable Work Light Reviews

Doing anything outdoors at night can be dangerous if you do not have some sort of light source. No matter what you are doing, if you are not in a lit street, you will need some kind of consistent light source to guide you.

There are a lot of ways to accomplish this, but some of the common ways to provide light in a very dark area are not very efficient.

Using candles? Not only is it possible to light something on fire, but candles burn out.

Using your phone? While there are flashlight apps on your phone, can you really leave something like that on for hours on end?

What about flashlights? It’s pretty difficult to use a flashlight while keeping both of your hands free.

The solution to all of this are rechargeable work lights. These lights eliminate most of the inconveniences that you will encounter with the above lighting methods.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 5 Rechargeable Work Light

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Rechargeable work lights – a buying guide

There are many reasons to own a rechargeable work lights, just like there are many situations where you are faced in an environment of complete darkness and need something to provide constant lighting. We’ll cover some of these here.

First, what kind of dark environment do you need lighting for? Is it inside? Outside? Do you need to see things in great detail or just need any kind of form of lighting? This is something you should consider because a lot of these work lights have adjustable brightness levels and other features that fit certain situations better than others.

Will you need the work light to last a long time? Again, the lights that will be covered here have different kinds of adjustable features, and these features affect the life of the light itself as well as the battery pack that powers it. For example, if you are working outside at night, you’ll probably need a light that lasts a longer time than if you just need a light to check on something outside or in the basement really fast.

How long do you want your vision to extend when using your work light? Some of the work lights that will be listed here have a “strobe” function which is useful for seeing for great distances. However, because it takes a lot of power to use this, a function like that uses a lot of power. Some other work lights have settings where you can see far enough without using all of its power.

Top 5 best rechargeable work lights Reviews


1. OTYTY 2 COB 30W 1500LM Rechargeable

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2. Cordless LED work light by Neiko

While headlamps are useful for those who need a light source while moving in the dark, the light they give off is not very suitable for those who spend hours working in very dark places. While headlamps do have LEDs themselves, the light on the headlamps themselves is very concentrated and only covers one area: The area in front of whoever is wearing the headlamp.

Neiko’s work light is different. Resembling a stick design, it generates light not just in one direction, but in all directions, making it very useful for anybody who works in the dark and needs a light for an entire area.

If you need a hands-free work light, that is also not a problem with Neiko’s work light, for it also contains a mounting base and a swivel hook that can attach onto anything. This is a good replacement for any given flashlight, as you still need to use your hands when using a flashlight.

The battery for Neiko’s work light is built in, so you will not need to worry about getting batteries for it or installing batteries for it either. Using a micro USB cable, it can be charged just like a smartphone, making things even more convenient.

If you are looking for a work light that connects to your hard hat or work light that is totally hands free, however, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Neiko’s work light, while it does illuminate everything around it, still must be carried around in most cases.

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3. 410 lumen COB LED slim work light by Astro

An issue that many have with work lights is that there is not a lot of flexibility in their adjustments. There are usually just three or so levels of brightness and that’s it.

For those who need varying levels of brightness in their work lights, this is nowhere near optimal, and one of the best things about Astro’s work light is that the brightness level is completely adjustable. There are no “levels” of brightness with Astro’s work light, and it can be adjusted from 0 to 410 lumens.

This is very rare for a work light, and is very useful if you are in a situation where you do not necessarily need a lot of light in one particular moment but may also need brighter lighting in another moment. Quick brightness adjustments are possible with Astro’s work light, and that is what makes it so valuable.

The batteries in Astro’s work light also last very long. It can last up to 10 hours at 50% power, which is about twice as long as the batteries of other work lights. This is very nice if you need a light such as this for longer projects that can take a long time.

Besides having very adjustable brightness and a long battery life, there is nothing else that is too special about Astro’s work light. It cannot attach to anything, is not hands-free, and at the end of the day, it is similar to a flashlight.

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4. LED light power station by Gear Aid

If you are outside, in the dark, and need something to light an entire area in great detail, you’ll want Gear Aid’s work light. It has everything necessary to provide the kind of lighting that you need in very dark environments.

Among one of these things is the fact that it is extremely bright. Gear Aid’s work light can produce up to 640 lumens of brightness, which is very useful if you are in an environment that does not have any lighting.

Gear Aid’s work light is very compact and easy to carry around. It’s also mountable, which makes it a perfect light for the pool area or basement of your home, where light fixtures may or may not exist.

Another feature that separates Gear Aid’s work lights from the rest is the fact that they have color temperatures. Again, using the pool area of your home as an example, it is possible to set up a few of Gear Aid’s lights to create a festive lighting scheme.

It isn’t very ideal to use Gear Aid’s work lights for anything else other than lighting up a dark room or a clearing when it is dark outside. Although it is possible to carry them around, Gear Aid’s lights are more designed for being stationary rather than being mobile. If you are looking for work lights that you can use while you are moving around in a dark area, you should probably look elsewhere.

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5. LED camping spotlights by Hallomall

If you need lights for when you are on a camping trip where you are not surrounded by any light at all, Hallomall’s work lights should be one of your first choices.

While there are a lot of work lights that are similar to Hallomall’s in that they are stationary and are extremely bright, there are a couple of things about Hallomall’s work lights that set it apart from work lights even of their own kind.

One of these differences are USB charging stations on the lights themselves. These can be used to charge anything that can be charged with a USB connector, even other work lights if necessary.

Aside from when you are camping, Hallomall’s lights are also very effective if you involved in a roadside emergency. They come with blue and red flashing LEDs that can be activated that will tell other drivers that something has happened.

Because it is designed for lighting up such large areas, Hallomall’s work lights suffer from two drawbacks. The first of these is because they include so many additional features, setting Hallomall’s work lights is more complicated than others.

Additionally, the large setup of Hallomall’s work lights do not make it ideal or even possible for anything other than standing by itself and lighting very large areas. You’ll need to look elsewhere if you want work lights that are more mobile.

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Zoomable 3 mode super bright LED headlamp by GRDE

Anyone who needs a rechargeable work light that is useful for all purposes will get a lot out of GRDE’s headlamp. Fitting like a headband, it is easy to readjust, the lamp is not overly heavy so you will not have to worry about the headlamp falling off, and the lighting modes are easy to adjust.

GRDE’s headlamp uses its own rechargeable batteries, which are included. This is a good thing, because most devices that use rechargeable batteries do not come with them and are sold separately.

Another thing about GRDE’s headlamp that makes it better than most is how powerful it is. On its lowest setting, you’ll still be able to see very, very far even if your environment is pitch black. The strobe light setting is perfect for emergency situations, as the flash from the strobe can be seen several yards away.

If you are planning to wear GRDE’s headlamp around a bicycle helmet, hard hat, or something similar, you’ll need to make some adjustments. There is a good chance that it might slip off because of its limited sizing.

The batteries also only last about 5 hours on the headlamp’s lowest setting, showing that GRDE’s headlamp was not really designed for those who work in the dark


Rechargeable work lights can be used for many occasions, and that’s why not every work light is created equal. In order to make the right decision on a work light, you need to know what you need the work light for.

If you need a work light for swimming in your pool at night or for camping, you’ll get the most out of a work light that is extremely bright yet stationary. This will light up these large areas very easily, allowing you to enjoy good lighting in these very dark areas.

If you are in a very dark area and need to move around, consider a smaller work light that can be worn on a hard hat, helmet, or some other form of headgear. This will let you to see in front of you much easier than using a flashlight or other kind of lighting device.

In any case, rechargeable work lights are a very good option if you need to light any kind of dark area and they should be considered above other forms of lighting, as they are much more efficient than other popular forms of lighting.

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