Organizing a Garage in a Weekend

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Does your garage look like this? It's time to take action

Is Your Garage Disorganized?

Getting your garage organized is not as hard as you’d think. You just need to have a plan like I did. Why did I decide to do this?

Well my garage was getting out of control. I would pretty much find an empty space on the floor to put stuff. It was hard to find things. The scrap wood pile was a mess. My workbench was overflowing with junk. It was getting chaotic. I finally had enough and set out to organize the garage.

With the help of my wife we set out to get the garage usable again.

I am hoping the things I learned will help you organize your garage.

The Benefits of Having an Organized Garage

When you have a neat and organized garage you don’t have to deal with clutter. You can work more efficiently. Everything has a home and you can always find it.

No more tripping over boxes. No more looking for that missing tool. Overall you will have less stress because you don’t have to deal with clutter.

Here’s how organizing a garage can be done in a weekend.

Organising Garage Tips for Success and Motivation

  • Map out your garage. Use a tape measure to do the map to scale. You can then add in permanent fixtures like the workbench. Sketch out some ideas with pencil. That way you can erase something if need be. You might just find new places to store items.
  • Think of a possible reward. You will find old items to sell for example. The monetary reward is good motivation.
  • Have a good friend or family member help. More than one person working on a project makes it go faster. It is also nice to have somebody to talk to.
  • Have your favorite playlist going in the background. Music is great for motivation.
  • Break everything up into smaller tasks. Completing smaller tasks gives a sense of accomplishment. You will stay motivated as each item is checked off the list.

Steps to Organizing a Garage

To have the best success in any project you need a plan of action. Organizing a garage is no different. If you have a plan and stick to it you are more likely to succeed.

Organise Your Garage in 6 Steps

I used these steps to organize my garage and free up precious space.

Step 1: Taking Inventory

Before you can begin organizing you must know what you have. Place all your storage boxes and bins on the floor. You can now look through it all and take a quick inventory of it all. Don’t worry about sorting it all just yet. That happens later.

You can make a list in a notebook or use your phone. Some note taking apps like Evernote have voice dictation to speed things up.

You might find it easier to work outside

Step 2: Make a Workspace

Now that you know what you are dealing with its time to make a workspace. Clear an area where you can begin sorting your stuff. Try and find a spot where you can be comfortable.

Step 3: Sort Your Items into Categories

Sort everything into categories. This can include camping gear, Christmas decorations, gardening etc. Get every category sorted into their own totes.

I recommend plastic totes over cardboard boxes. They will last longer and you don’t have to worry about water.

Don’t forget to label all of your totes. You don’t want to forget what’s inside them!

Step 4: Take Out The Trash and Recycle

Now this step may be a challenge. Look through all of your items. Find anything that can be thrown away or recycled.

If you haven’t used an item for a few years it’s safe to get rid of it. You might even find some stuff to sell. Extra money is always nice right?

Step 5: Sell Some of Your Items

There are a few ways to sell your old junk.

Organizing a Garage Sale

You can have a garage sale. Gather up all the items you don’t want. The weekend is the best time for a garage sale.

Sell on a Facebook Group or Craigslist

There are tons of buy and sell groups on Facebook. Join one that is local to your city or town. Post the items and wait for a response.

Alternatively you can post up on the Craigslist for sale section.

Step 6: Putting Everything In It’s Place

Now once everything is categorized you can start putting it away. I have a list of ideas you can use to get your garage organized.

Garage Organizing Ideas

Build Ceiling Storage

Anything seldom used is safe to store up high. Building a run of shelves along the top of the wall to put storage totes. When planning out the shelving watch out for vehicle clearance. Make sure you can still park your car or truck. Keep the shelving clear of the garage door as well.

Garage ceiling storage
The ceiling is wasted space without a storage rack

An option for more ceiling storage are the overhead ceiling racks.

Jumbo Hooks for Jumbo Items

Ladders and other heavy items can be hung on jumbo hooks. Bikes are safe to hang from these hooks too. You can hang bikes from the wall or the garage ceiling. Just make sure they are secured to studs. You don’t want a bike falling on your head!

Install a Garage Shelving System

Having a shelving system on the wall can free up floor space. You can build shelves with 1x12s or purchase pre made systems. Some 8 foot 1x12s and shelf brackets are the cheapest way to build shelving.

If you wanted to get more advanced install adjustable shelf brackets. This will allow you to move shelves up or down to accommodate bigger items.

Adjustable shelving allows for flexibility

Use a Track System for Brooms and Shovels

There are a variety of track systems for garage storage. Rubbermaid has their FastTrack kit for hanging garden tools. The benefit of such a system is the flexibility. You are able to move hooks around as your needs change.

Rubbermaid’s FastTrack system in action

Storing Nuts and Bolts

There are countless options for storing nails, screws and nuts and bolts. These cabinet storage bins are great for nails and other hardware. They can be wall mounted or sat on the workbench.

The Stanley Professional Organizers are excellent organizing systems with removable bins for easy sorting.

The Results of Your Hard Work

Organizing a garage in a weekend
This could be your garage as long as you stick to a plan

I hope these tips help you get your garage space back. Now put these steps into action and get your garage organized.

Do you have any tips for organizing a garage? Let me know in the comments.

Photo’s courtesy of alexik, Tim Regan, sailn1, Rubbermaid and Dave Nakayama

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