Garage Cooling Ideas

How to cool down your garage

Last updated on October 10th, 2017 at 03:33 am

The summer months are when most of us spend time in the garage. It is a time when I work on most of my projects and I’m sure you do too. The bad part? It’s freaking hot in the garage! Well, now you can use these garage cooling ideas to beat the heat.

Why Your Garage Gets Hot

Now before you try looking for garage cooling ideas, you need to know the cause of the problem. The following can affect the temperature inside a garage:

  • lack of airflow
  • your garage’s insulation
  • does the garage get lots of sunlight?
  • exterior color of the garage

Garage Cooling That Works

Below are a few ways in which you can cool your hot garage.

Increase Airflow in Your Garage

One way to keep it cool in the garage is to let the air flow through. You can do this by opening the overhead door about a foot or two off the ground. You will also have to open the man door on the opposite side of the garage. If there are any windows in your garage open them as well.

Doing this should help keep the heat to a manageable level. For the best effect place a fan at each door: one to blow hot air out and one to bring fresh air in. Mount the hot air exhaust fan up high since hot air rises.

If you don’t mind cutting holes in the walls you can mount shutter exhaust fans or a roof vent.

Insulation Helps Keep the Heat Out

Most garages on new homes have insulation on the walls. The garage door in most homes is never insulated. Garage door insulation kits are found for a reasonable price. They are easy to install and will lower your cooling and heating costs.

Garage Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is hands down the best way to cool the garage. There are however some things you need to know before installing a/c. It needs to be a separate unit from the a/c in your home. You don’t want ducting to run from the house to your garage. This will prevent dangerous fumes from car exhaust from entering the home.

There are a few choices for air conditioning units:

  • Mini split air conditioners
  • Portable air conditioners
  • Window mount air conditioners

Mini split units are ductless wall mounted air conditioners.

They come in two parts: the indoor cooling unit and the outdoor heat pump. These perform the best out of the three but cost the most money.

A Mitsubishi garage air conditioner is one of the best units out there but costs over $1,000.

Portable air conditioners are less expensive units but can still do a good job. They do need a window or other opening to attach the exhaust hose to work.

Window or wall mounted air conditioners are the least expensive choice. They need a window or you will have to cut a hole in the wall to install the unit.

Heck, there’s even a homemade air conditioner if you’re up for the challenge.

Before picking up an a/c unit you will need to know the square footage of your garage. You will need an a/c unit which can cool your garage without struggling.

Using these tips you should get a cooler garage in no time. Now you don’t have to put off that garage organizing project!

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