Best Tool Chest Under $1000

You can find my buying guide for the best tool chest here. I recommend you give it a read before deciding on what tool chest to buy.
I have found tons of tool chests on As of writing this I found 300 tool chests of a decent price. So how do you find a good tool chest without spending too much?

Lots of research. Lots and lots of reading customer reviews and asking questions. I even stalked a few forums to get their experience with the products.

I was able to narrow down my list from 300 to just a few.

WEN 77041 41-Inch Silver Tool Chest and Cabinet Combo

The WEN 77041 is a tool chest combo. It includes the bottom rolling tool chest and the top tool chest.

The actual width of the tool chest is 40.5 inches. Width with the side handle attached is 44 ½ inches. Depth is measured at 17 and 3/16 inches. It has a total of 17,695 cubic inches of storage space. The total weight of the tool chest combo is 378 pounds.

The unit comes pre-assembled except for the side handle.

Build Quality

The construction quality is excellent with 15 gauge steel. It holds up in a professional environment. Mechanics and machinists have used these tool chests with little problems.

One welder went so far as to weld a custom frame to the bottom. His tool chests see lots of travel in the shop which is quite demanding. The typical home user will find this tool chest very adequate.

Since this tool chest combo is built like a tank, it will take two people to unpack and set up. It is a heavy tool chest.

The top tool chest lid has a gas strut on it. This will prevent the lid from slamming open or closed.

The WEN 77041 Drawers

Drawer heights:
Smaller drawers are 2 ⅞ inches tall, Bottom left drawer is 6 inches tall and bottom right is 9 inches tall. The larger drawer won’t have a problem holding a circular saw or other power tools.

Drawer depth:
15 ¼ inches.

Drawers on this model include ball bearing slides. They are rated to hold 100 pounds each. The drawers themselves move very easily in and out. Drawer operation is very smooth. One owner commented on the drawer catch mechanism: While using the drawers you hear a ‘snap’ when closing.

The drawer slides on the 77041 are good, however, the bigger drawers could be improved with double slides.

Out of the twelve drawers, 4 of them are deeper. This may be a problem if you have lots of power tools to store.

The tool chest includes drawer liners for all but the top shelf. A common complaint is the drawer liners aren’t the most durable.

A note on the drawers: You need to have the top lid fully opened to operate the drawers. It has a mechanism which locks the drawers when it is closed.

One owner noted that the keys don’t match. Having separate keys may be a pain but can be fixed by a locksmith or installing matching locks.

Paint and Finish

The finish on the WEN 77041 is a hammer type. Similar to powder coating and just as tough. The finish on the tool chest seems to take abuse pretty well. Some owners noted the grey to be darker than in the photos but that could be bad lighting. The paint seems to hide grease and dirt stains well and is fairly easy to clean.

Caster Quality

The casters on the WEN 77041

The casters roll smoothly and will not cause any problems with a fully loaded tool chest. Two of the casters swivel and are lockable to prevent movement. Wheels can be removed for stationary use if you wanted to permanently position the tool chest.

The WEN 77041: Is It The Best Tool Chest Under $1,000?

This combo tool chest is a great choice for the mechanic and home user. It is built 100 times better than other made in China crap. The WEN 77041 top and bottom tool chests are the best tool chest set you can buy under $1,000.

Viper Tool Storage V4109BLR 41 Inch Rolling Tool Chest

The Viper Tool Storage model V4109BLR is the bottom cabinet only. Paired with the V4109BLC top chest will bring the total just over $1000.

Build Quality of The Viper

The Viper V4109BLR is made of 18 gauge steel with a powder coating finish. Weighing in at 260 pounds this thing is built like a beast. You will need help unloading this one from the delivery truck! Ask a couple of friends to help you unload this in exchange for beer.

Viper V4109BLR Drawer Configuration

I wish more manufacturers would make these measurements available:

Drawer Dimensions (W” x D” x H”)

  1. 41.4 x 16 x 2.4
  2. 41.4 x 16 x 2.4
  3. 41.4 x 16 x 2.4
  4. 41.4 x 16 x 2.4
  5. 23.4 x 16 x 2.4
  6. 23.4 x 16 x 2.4
  7. 23.4 x 16 x 7.4
  8. 11.7 x 16 x 2.2
  9. 11.7 x 16 x 13.1

This is so handy when shopping for a tool chest. No guesswork involved.

The bottom drawers of the Viper cabinet are a decent size. Plenty of room for storing power and air tools.

Paint and Finish of The Viper V4109BLR

The Viper comes in six color options: black, black with trim, lime green, pink?, stainless steel and white. Not entirely sure why but some colors are more expensive than others.

The paint is powder coated and won’t have trouble holding up to abuse.

Caster Quality

The casters are made of high quality parts. They roll smoothly even when the tool chest is packed with tools. Besides the handles, these are the only parts that require assembly.

Attaching the wheels will be a challenge unless you have a helper. The unit must be laid on its top to install the casters.

Is The Viper V4109BLR Worth The Price?

This tool chest is built like a tank and almost weighs the same! Although it does not come with the top tool chest, it can be bought separately.