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Tool carts are used a lot by mechanics and technicians. They allow the mechanic to bring the required tools to the project. You don’t want to be hauling your tool chest around the shop right? Especially if you own one of the larger units.

This is where a tool cart helps. They are lightweight units on wheels with an area to keep your tools. Some tool carts have drawers to store tools while others just have shelving and a work surface. You just have to pick the best tool cart for your needs.

I have picked six tool carts which have a good amount of reviews and are of high quality.

Best Tool Cart Line-up for 2019

Excel TC301C-Red 36-Inch Steel Tool Cart


  • Locking casters
  • 2 storage trays
  • Drawer with lock
  • 300 lbs capacity

The top shelf on the Excel TC301C is not built like a tray. It does not have side walls making it ideal for a work surface. The included rubber mat helps stop tools and parts from sliding onto the floor.

Two of the four casters are lockable which helps the tool cart stay put.

The included drawer is handy for storing small hand tools and can be locked for safe keeping. The downside with the drawer is the lack of ball-bearing slides. Storing heavier items in the drawer may pose a problem.

The Excel tool cart provides a tray to store screwdrivers which mounts to the front of the cart.

Homak BK06022704 27-Inch 2-Drawer Tool Cart


  • Ball bearing drawer slides
  • Locking storage
  • 220 lbs capacity

The Homak BK06022704 features a top cover which slides closed to secure your parts and tools. Both drawers have ball bearing drawer slides for smooth operation. Locking the top compartment also locks the drawers shut.

This tool cart is fairly easy to put together with only a screwdriver and wrench.

The downside with the type of top cover you have two smaller work surfaces rather than one larger one.

WEN 73002 500-Pound Capacity Service Cart


  • 500 lbs capacity
  • 5 inch casters
  • Durable polypropylene

The WEN 73002 Service Cart is the only one on the list not made of metal. The upside to this is no need to worry about the cart rusting or denting.

This is a barebones cart with no drawers. It is kept simple with 2 storage shelves and a few smaller compartments on the handle. If you aren’t looking for a fancy tool cart then this is one to consider.

Excel TC301A-Red 3-Tray Rolling Metal Tool Cart


  • 3 Storage shelves
  • Swivel casters

The Excel TC301A is an all around basic tool cart. It does not have any storage drawers or other fancy options. It is definitely a tool cart to consider if you didn’t want to get a plastic cart.

Sunex 8035 Compact Slide Top Tool Cart


  • 450 lbs capacity
  • 2 storage drawers
  • Sliding top cover

The Sunex tool cart is similar to the Homak which has a sliding top cover. Two of the casters lock to keep the tool cart from rolling about. The drawers are on the shallow side at 3 inches deep. You won’t be storing any larger tools in these drawers.

The top storage area is deep enough to store your sockets and other tools.\

Why do you need a tool cart?

The tool carts are made for people who work with a good amount of tools, many of which are sometimes quite heavy.  It is that these devices are, basically, large containers in which you can store and transport small, medium or even large parts and tools, such as hammers, arc saws, drills, wrenches and much more.

Now, why not store my tools in vertical holders, for example? Well the advantages of these cars are enough and one of them is that most of them are divided into different compartments so that in addition to having your tools well taken care of, you can also organize them according to their use, their type or depending on your method of organization and needs.

For those who own automotive workshops or any other type, it is always good to have a tool car that allows you to keep everything in place. Moreover, many of these devices can be expanded with other compartments and upper drawers, so they end up being modular units that grow as your business does too.

And, anyway, if you do not own a workshop or just work as a mechanic on your own, you will want to keep all your tools organized and maintained. Remember that they are your source of income and, by themselves, can be valued in thousands of euros.

Shopping guide for Garage Tool Trolley 

Distribution and design

Within the comparison of cars for tools that we make when buying some, it is advisable to know the different models offered by the market.

There are for example models of drawers, similar to the tool cabinets, in which they are organized in drawers of different sizes with the larger ones for larger electric tools.

There are also models in which the upper part can be opened so that you have more access to them and you can store all kinds of pieces of greater caliber or directly have a folding top that has space and magnetic surface to organize the smaller pieces . Adapt the design and distribution to your personal needs and the type of tools you need to carry, to maximize the comfort of using it and that is really useful.


Although it has a lot to do with the design that we have already mentioned, the truth is that the capacity of a good tool cart varies, also making the difference in how much the final product costs.

The simplest tool cart, for example, which is almost a toolbox with a handle and wheels , offers a limited capacity for tools, although obviously it is much lighter to carry. If you need more space, you can choose a model of three, four or five drawers that offer an intermediate capacity, especially for small tools.

But, if you want to have a full capacity, you can bet on the models of higher capacity and height in which you will not have problems to keep all your tools under control, whether small or large. These models even have folding door drawers with which the capacity is used better and it is easier to access just what you need.


The main idea of ​​the tool cart is that it is easy to carry and that it allows you to transport what you need to where it is needed. It is a simple matter, but you must keep in mind, since there are many models and especially some of economic price has the disadvantage of offering limited mobility.

At this point, this mobility is adjusted in part to the weight of the car, so that in lighter models the wheels are similar, although more resistant, to those of an office chair. The models with the largest number of drawers and weight include wheels of greater draft that even have a brake to prevent the car from slipping improperly. In case you want to carry the tool cart beyond your workshop or garage, you should look for models that have wheels that support the use and that allow you to climb steps or move it with simplicity.

Final Words

If you work piecework maybe you should look at the stability, the resistance of the wheels and the locking mechanisms so that you protect your tools from strangers. In the market there are variety of models of these, you just have to look good.

The capacities and the durability are also elements to consider, as well as the fluidity of opening of the drawers a comparison can help you with these qualities.

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