Best LED Lights for Garage Workshop Use

If your like me then you hate working in a dark shop.

At one time I only had a few incandescent lights in my garage. The light output was terrible and I had a hard time working in the garage. Finally I decided to find the best LED lights for my garage workshop.

Best LED Lights for Garage Workshop Use

LeonLite 4ft 40W 4100 Lumens LED Shop Light

The LeonLite LED shop lights may be low on power consumption but they output 4100 lumens. They have a color temperature of 5000K which is the same as natural light. There is a 4000K cool white option available for those that do not like the daylight look.

These LED shop fixtures are easy to install. All you have to do is mount the light fixture in the desired location and plug the power cord into a nearby outlet. The light fixture has a pull cord to turn it on or off. This might pose a problem for some people to try and find the pull cord in a dark room.

You should note that there is a 1 second delay to power on the LED lights.

The LeonLite LED lights have an option to link up to 4 fixtures together to a single outlet. Handy if you are low on available power outlets.

You have to make sure there is an available outlet in the area you intend to mount these. The power cord is 5 feet long.

You can either surface mount the fixtures or use the included chains to hang them from the ceiling.

Overall the LeonLite LEDs are brighter than traditional fluorescents and have quite a few good reviews on Amazon. If you are looking for LED fixtures to hard wire into your power then I would look at other options. Otherwise these are good fixtures for quick and easy installation.

Warranty is 5 Years.

LED Light Buying Guide for the Garage or Shop

When you are shopping for LED light fixtures there are some things to keep in mind. LED lights are a different technology compared to traditional fluorescent lights. Below I will outline the differences of LED tube lights and what you need to look out for when buying them.

Do LED Tubes Need a Ballast?

It depends on the type of LED light tube and manufacturer. All fluorescent tubes need ballasts to operate but not all LED tubes need them. There are 3 types of LED tubes on the market:

  1. Direct Fit: These LED light tubes are designed to work with the existing ballast. No modifications are necessary but you need to make sure the LED tube is compatible with the type of ballast you have. Direct fit LED lights are easy to install but are not as efficient.
  2. Ballast Bypass: The ballast in your existing light fixture will need to be removed for these LED tubes to work. The LED lights have their own internal circuits which regulate the power and do not require a ballast. The ballast bypass LEDs are more efficient but require modifications to the fixture. Hiring an electrician is recommended in this case.
  3. External Driver: Like the ballast bypass type these LED bulbs require ballast removal. The ballast is replaced with an external driver which regulates the electricity. Efficient but needs modification of the existing fixture.

So if you want the most efficient LED shop lights you will need to remove the ballast in the fluorescent fixture. The work can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Depending on your local electrical codes an electrician may be needed to do the work.

The alternative is to buy LED fixtures with a power cord for plug and play installation. You just have to have a free power outlet near the light fixture or use an extension cord.

The Advantages of LED Garage Lights

LED shop lights have several advantages over fluorescent lights:

  • Energy efficient: LED lights run on around 1/3 the power of fluorescents
  • Longer life: LED bulbs can last 10 times longer
  • Do not generate heat: Traditional bulbs emit wasted energy as heat

How Brightness is Measured with LEDs

Brightness is measured in lumens and not watts contrary to popular belief. Watts are a measure of energy used.

  • 100 watt light bulb emits 1600 lumens
  • 75 watt light bulb emits 1100 lumens
  • 60 watt light bulb emits 800 lumens
  • 40 watt light bulb emits 450 lumens

Since LED lights use less energy it would only take 25 to 30 watts to produce 1600 lumens!

The Disadvantage of LED Garage Lights

LED shop lights generally cost more than fluorescent light bulbs. The reason for this is the higher cost of making the bulbs. There are a lot of small circuits and LEDs which have to be assembled which inflates the cost.